Play Big Apple Social Sports NYC

Our Leagues Enjoy:

  • 7-8 Week Seasons Including Playoffs
  • Free Beer Parties
  • Awesome Shirts 
  • Equipment & Facilities Provided
  • League T-Shirts
  • Weekly post-game socializing and tomfoolery
  • Fun & Social Refs, Umpires & Administrators
  • Miller Lite
  • Bacardi

Connect with us:

Fall Registration Now Open! 

Ever look out the window during a beautiful summer day and wish you were outside playing and drinking with your friends.  Our Leagues are really social at the field and at the bar!

Our Leagues are known for our locations.  We pride ourselves on fun, social and organized leagues.  Our Shirts, locations and after parties set Bmore Social a part from other leagues. 

Key Dates

August 15th: Early Bird Registration Closes
September 23rd (11:59pm) : All Registration Closes
September 29th: All Leagues Play Begins

Three Ways to Sign-up!

  • Team (Create or Join); A Captain must create a team and all the "team members must "join" the team. The Captain can pay for everyone or you can split up the fee's among team members.  To be a team you must have at least 15 people register and you can have up to 30 people!
  • Small Group (Join or Create)   If you have 2 to 14 peoplehave one person create a "team" and have everyone else register for the team)  You will be merged with another small group once registration is closed!
  • FREE AGENT! ( We will find a team for everyone once registration is closed!)
    **** All Players who not registered & Paid as of 11:59pm September 23rd will be purged from the league *****


Recent Announcements

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